Our Small Business Website Secret Formula

laptop on desk showing small business website

We live in the digital era and there should be no reason why establishing a small business website  should cost you the earth.

Here at Under a Grand Websites, we are small business marketing specialists.

We’ve worked with many small business owners to create professional, yet affordable, websites for their business. We’ve seen the problems commonly encountered by small business owners and have the expertise to help them get a great website, for a great price.

Here’s our not-so-secret formula:


The website needs of a large corporation are different from that of a small business, and each small businesses has it's own specific needs.

For instance, a caterer needs an online food menu displayed on the site, while a tattoo artist needs a photo gallery that display their works.

With this in mind, we start by researching to find the conventional elements that make up successful websites in that niche.


Our expert web designers take the lessons learned in step one and use them to build the structure of the website.

This framework will set the foundation for the website, how it works and what features it has. Our frameworks are designed to be flexible, so it won’t be difficult to add features as your business grows.


Once the framework is ready, we begin to customise it, matching your company and brand style.

We add your business photos, multimedia and information; encouraging the business owners to provide content that will help the website rank well in customer searches for that product or service.

In no time, you’ll have a small business website that looks great and drives sales.


Online marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools small businesses use in reaching new potential clients.

Research has it that online marketing is three times more effective than local advertising.

As a result, small business websites need to concentrate on visibility (i.e., how easy it is for potential clients to find your site) and conversion (i.e., how to turn the potential clients to customers).

This kind of online marketing is costly, but here at Under a Grand Websites, we’ve found a way to keep small businesses websites highly affordable.

We Make Small Business Websites Fast, Easy and Affordable.