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We include features that help you #dobetterbusiness

We include features that help you #dobetterbusiness

Free & Easy DIY Updates.

Updating your Under A Grand website is free and easy with our built in Page Builder.

In a few clicks you can add an a blog post, create a new page or edit existing content.

Drag and Drop content modules give you common pre-formatted sections to fill in with your content.

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Under A Grand Websites

Responsive Designs For Mobile Screens.

With more mobile views every day it's important that websites be built with a small screen focus.

Under A Grand websites are designed to look and work great on screens of all sizes.

Easy E-Commerce With Shopify.

Grow your business with the power, security and flexibility of the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Featuring built in sales and marketing channels, mailing lists and payment gateways.

Start small and grow with with Shopify and Under A Grand.

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Fast & Secure Web Platforms.

We design websites to be fast, efficient and secure on the world-famous WordPress CMS or Shopify E-commerce platforms.

This helps your website stay secure, load fast, boost your Google ranks and gives your visitors a great experience.

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"Our boat is booked out year-round! Great result."

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"We can now take bookings online, day and night."

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"Professional results at an affordable price. Very happy."

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