[HOW TO] Be a Small Business Content Marketing Rock Star.

Content Marketing For Rock Stars

Without even picking up a keyboard you're well on your way to creating amazing and sales-driving content marketing for the socials. You're a rock star and this article will show you how to tell the world.

Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing is something every business should be doing. You already know it's a super-effective small business marketing tool, you've seen your competitors do it and frankly, that's why you're reading this post. Used in the right way, social media can be a massive driver of leads and grow your small business without spending money on ads.

Let's clarify what small business content marketing is:


Content Marketing is creating a window into your small business. It's where you demonstrate your capabilities and build a trust relationship with the public; setting the groundwork for potential future business.


3 Steps to Rock Star Level Small Business Content Marketing:


1) Do What You Do.

If you've started a business you've got all you need to start creating great content. It doesn't matter what industry, profession or trade; if you're doing something today, you've got content. Post about it, make it contextual and relevant to people searching for your products and services. Soon you'll get into the swing of living your business life in front of the camera (or keyboard) while simultaneously creating content that will draw in followers and customers.


2) Demonstrate Capabilities.

You're a rock star, you know you are. So why hide it? You may think what you do is boring and mundane (and it might be) but do you know who doesn't? Customers.

Customers are super interested in the way you perform your services and how your products are produced.

A tennis court might not look that exciting, and I guess to many people, it isn't. It's a big rectangle covered with grass, some lines and a net. But if I'm paying big bucks to put a court in my back yard, you can bet I want a superstar; a skilled tradesman that artfully performs their craft in the spotlight of social media.

Demonstrate your capabilities by talking about what you do, giving tips, insight and a bit of free consulting. This is where social media and content marketing are used to build value and lead readers into the next step, the Trust Relationship.


3) Building a Trust Relationship

So now you're out there on social media creating content marketing. This is where your small business will build the trust relationship; by engaging with the public and being involved in the online community.

Hit up relevant and contextual hashtags, be where your customers are. Engage with people aligned with your business, even your competition.

Do you make tennis courts? Post about the Australian Open tennis! You want to establish yourself as active and involved in your industry. That doesn't mean start every line with "I'm an industry expert", it means, be a valuable and constructive part of the conversation. This will build trust and put your small business brand front-of-mind and first in line for that sales opportunity.


You're On Your Way!

Follow these three steps and soon enough you'll have people talking about "that amazing last job you did" or how "they saw you on Facebook". You'll be that rock-star to people checking you out.

Not only will you build your brand socially but high-quality content marketing will be great for your search engine rankings, improving your organic leads and growing sales on a budget.