5 “Must Have” Website Features For 2020

Man Holding 2020 Sign Displayed in Web Browser

Responsive Designs For Mobiles

52% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and it's growing. To encourage visitors to stick around, read content and buy your product the website really, really needs to be "mobile responsive".

What is mobile responsive? Well, essentially, it means your website looks great and works properly on most, if not all devices. There will be design tweaks for phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes; with the layout optimised to give the reader the best experience possible.

Social Contact Buttons

98% of web users visit social media sites, that's a whole lot of people looking at products and services on social media. Why not help them out with social contact buttons that allow them to reach you easily. Facebook messenger is a hugely popular chat app that allows Facebook users to contact businesses in real time. There's also Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Insta, Pintrest, LinkedIn....Wow it's a long list, and that's only some of them.

If you're online and social (and you should be), don't hide, be where your customers are!

Page Speed

This isn't some obscure technical metric that us geeks like to boast about. Page speed has real context in how both visitors and Google perceive your website.

Let' start with your visitors. Everyone hates slow internet, now imagine a user searching for your product, hitting a link to your website, only to be met with a loading bar or worse, a blank page. Half of internet users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds, by the time your page hits 3 seconds, they're gone.

In Google's efforts to give users a great search experience, they're ranking websites on content but also on page speed. Google wants to serve up high quality search results and having a fast website will certainly help with your websites rankings. Page speed is so important that Google provides a tool to check your site, give it a go at Google PageSpeed Insights.

Under A Grand Websites are rated A+ by GT Metrix page speed scores.

A Marketing Focus

A website could be your best marketing tool with up to 80% of customers researching a product online before buying. 2020 calls for websites to be focussed sales-making machines, an efficient and effective extension of your in-person sales team. Websites have moved beyond informational displays; you can make your pitch and make the sale, right there on-line.

Take your best elevator pitch and put it on your website. Show visitors the amazing things you do, then lead them to make contact with a clear Call To Action.

Great Content

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, the hot ticket in 2020 is content.

Your website should feature content on your products, services and brand, then go on to explain the real world problems they solve. It's important to make your website content relevant to the reader, build trust, demonstrate your capabilities and lead them to an action point.

There's no such thing as too much content, as long as it's relevant and contextual. Blog posts showcasing your craft are a great way to add fresh content to your website, showing both Google and visitors that you're active in your industry.

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